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BAMF Podcast - focused on comics and RPGs. Also: donuts

February 12, 2018

New Creative Team on Marvel’s Champions Talk Teen Hero Genre with Writer of Masks

The new team on Marvels' Champions (Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse) sit down to talk about working as a pro in comics, promote their new book and to analyze the teen superhero genre with Brendan Conway - author of the hit Powered-by-the-Apolcaylpse teen superhero RPG Masks: A New Generation

Fun conversation with insights into comics and gaming. Might be the best show we've done in years. 

January 31, 2018

Netflix’s Bright as an RPG Setting

Sean Patrick Fannon​ (Shaintair and Savage Rifts) was kind enough to stop by the BAMF podcast and talk about Mash-up RPG settings in general - with a specific focus on how Netflix's Bright could be made into an RPG. (Apologies for the audio quality on this one. We did have some difficulties)

January 27, 2018

City of Mists Actual Play

City of Mist is a Noir-flavored superhero RPG that has a Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset.

City of Mist creator Amit Moshe stops by to run a demo session for us. It's short (2 hours) by game sessions standards - but long compared to our usual podcast length.

If you'd like to see the characters, starter kit and other player tools we used - you can download them at: 


December 15, 2017

Sentinels of the Multiverse, ICONS and the Expanse

Dave Chalker stops by to talk about the Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG, Steve Kensons tells us about the Xmas adventure just released for ICONS and The Expanse RPG he's developing

November 29, 2017

Flash - aah AAH! Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds

Designer Scott Woodard stops by to talk about the appeal of retro Sci-Fi and the Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds (on Kickstarter now)

November 25, 2017

Netflix Punisher Review

RPG legend Chuck Rice joins the BAMF guys to talk about Netflix's The Punisher

November 17, 2017

I AM THE LAW….talking about the new Judge Dredd RPG…

On the latest BAMFcast, we talk with the creators of the (soon to be released) Judge Dredd RPG about their new game and sci-fi world building in RPGs in general

Youtube version: https://youtu.be/WWsv5s8R6xs

November 10, 2017

Thor: Ragnorak Movie Review

The BAMF roundtable talks Thor: Ragnorak

November 4, 2017

Talking Stranger Things and Monster Hunters Club

Darren Miller stops by to talk with Mike and Jacob about Stranger Things Season 2  and...

The Monster Hunters Club (for Savage Worlds) Kickstarter

Here's the free Demo on RPGNOW

and here's the Ken Hite book that Darren mentioned as the best advice for Horror GMs

October 29, 2017

Bengali Kickstarter talk w/ Apogee Comics!

We gather together some of the Apogee crew to talk about how characters can start one way and then progress into something else entirely. This will hopefully bring us into the character that is Bengali! We'll dig deep into how the character was developed and where they intend to bring him! 

Check out the campaign Here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/apogeecomics/bengali-1