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September 14, 2021

Fly Free or Die Developer Diary #6: Crash and Burn

In this series, I'm walking through the development of the Fly Free or Die Adventure Path for the Starfinder RPG.

This episode, we get into the fifth volume, Crash & Burn, written by Christopher Wasko, with additional writing by Kim Frandsen, Violet Hargrave, Dave Nelson, and Anne Toole.

We spend a little extra time at the end talking about freelancer feedback. Chris Wasko was kind enough to let me use the feedback I gave him on this adventure as an example of what freelancer feedback looks like.

Also, we answer viewer questions!

Find me on Twitter @doctorcomics Or leave your question or comment below!

September 14, 2021

Owen Explains it All: Dr. Strange‘s Cape in Starfinder

Owen KC Stephens stops by to tell us how you could do a character similar to Dr. Strange's cape in Starfinder.

You can check out his blog (where he will go into this idea in greater detail) here:


August 31, 2021

Owen Explains it All: What If? Shrinking Powers for Starfinder

Owen KC Stephens explains how to bring shrinking powers (like those seen in Episode 3 of What If?) to Starfinder

You can check out Owen's blog here


August 18, 2021

Owen Explains it All: Suicide Squad for Starfinder

Owen KC Stephens stops by to explain how you can bring some of the fun stuff from The Suicide Squad to your gaming table via Starfinder.

Here's the link to Owen's blog - an accompanying blog post should materialize soon. 


August 8, 2021

Superverse Chat on BAMF!

 Aldo Regalado tells us about his superhero setting - The Superverse.

You can check it out here https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/323160/The-Superverse-SUPERS-Revised

August 6, 2021

Owen Explains it All: Tomorrow War for Starfinder

Here's our inaugural episode of a new show called: Owen Explains it all. 

On this first episode, we talk about The Tomorrow War and how to implement elements of it in a Starfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. We’ll do an episode every two weeks, picking new things from the zeitgeek to use as inspiration for game material.

You can find Owen's blog post related to this show here


August 4, 2021

Talking Amazon Vella with Dan Taylor.

Dan Taylor was kind enough to stop by and talk about his podcast as well his new series on Amazon Vella.

You can find more info about Dan's series here http://zebulonprime.com.danleontaylor.com/

You can find Dan's Luchador cinema podcast here http://luchadorgringo.com/


August 2, 2021

Forbidden Lands Actual Play on BAMF

The BAMF crew does a lunch time demo of Forbidden Lands


You can check out the game here


August 1, 2021

Shantyhunters on BAMF

- Shantyhunters on BAMF - Tristan Zimmerman tells us about his upcominng Gumshoe driven RPG - Shantyhunters.

You can find out more here https://www.moltensulfur.com/shanty-hunters

July 21, 2021

Loki Finale Reaction Show

The BAMF crew reacts to the Loki Season One Finale