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BAMF Podcast - focused on comics and RPGs. Also: donuts

September 10, 2020

BAMF interviews Ed Jowett about A Titan’s Rise

Ed Jowett tells us his cyberpunk audio drama (now on KS) called A Titan's Rise. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erascapes/a-titans-rise-a-cyberpunk-full-cast-audio-drama

September 4, 2020

Super Fate Chat on BAMF

Novelist and game designer Marion Harmon joins us to talk about his Wearing the Cape series of book AND his new RPG release - Super-Powered Fate

You can check out Wearing the Cape here https://www.wearingthecape.com/

and Super-Powered Fate here



September 2, 2020

Starfinder Diary: Jenny Jarzabski

Jason Tondro recently interviewed Starfinder Freelancer Jenny Jarzabski.

They talk about her career, how she got into the RPG business, how she has navigated the challenges of being a woman in this industry, and her most recent work: Waking the Worldseed, Volume 1 of the Devastation Ark Starfinder Adventure Path.

August 28, 2020

Space Force Supplemental - Star Trek Adventures news, Lower Decks, and the Calypso Short Trek

Star Trek Adventures news, Lower Decks, and the Calypso Short Trek, with Jason Tondro, Jim Seals, and Ade Smith

August 26, 2020

Rebroadcast: NERDBURGERCON Panel: How to Write Scintillating Adventures

Here's our recent panel from NerdBurgerCon titled: How to Write Scintillating Adventures

Owen Stephens, Louis Porter Jr and many other RPG writers made this a great panel. 

Keep in mind - this panel was a few weeks back and the dice give-away is already done. Sorry

August 13, 2020

Starfinder Dev Diary: Jason Keeley and the Devastation Ark

Jason Keeley, a developer at Paizo, talks about Starfinder's first high level Adventure Path, the Devastation Ark.
How did this project get made? What challenges were there along the way and how did we solve them? And plenty of spoilers about the adventures themselves.
The first volume, Waking the Worldseed, is released in late August 2020.
If you have questions for Keeley, or have played this adventure and would like to share your thoughts on it, you can find him on Twitter: @herzwesten, or post on the Paizo forums! Jason Tondro, your host, is on Twitter @doctorcomics
August 10, 2020

Ron Marz talks Beasts of the Black Hand!

Famed comics scribe Ron Marz tells us about his new horror/espionage tale set in the 1920s  Beasts of the Black Hand - Volume 2 - The Viking League. 

You can back it here 


August 5, 2020

The Came for MOON!

Today we're talking to Scott Moon about his new series, They Came for Blood! Do you like fun, action, brilliantly realized characters and bad ass protagonists? Of course you do! What are you waiting for!?!


You can find Scott on Amazon


July 21, 2020

BAMF talks NerdBurgerCon and Complete Illustrated Book of Illusion

Phil Stone and Craig Campbell stop by to chat with us about NerdburgerCon and the Complete Illustrated Book of Illusion


You can find out more about the book and see more of Phil's amazing art at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/philtonellc/the-complete-illustrated-book-of-illusion


You can find out more about NerdBurgerCon here




July 21, 2020

Space Force: Beyond!

Join us for the season finale of Space Force, in which we do post-show analysis of Star Trek: Beyond and on our journey through this podcast series.