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BAMF Podcast - focused on comics and RPGs. Also: donuts

April 12, 2018

Sci-Fi Gaming, Killjoys, Starfinder Pact Worlds and Battlecruiser Alamo

Talking Sci-Fi gaming with Walt RobillardJacob Blackmon , Christopher McGlothlin and Ed Jowett. We're also giving away a copy of White Star Galaxy Edition to one lucky listener.

Jacob reviews Starfinder Pact Worlds

Walt told us about his new bounty-hunter-centric White Star adventure

Ed Jowett gave us the details on his (just funded!) kickstarter for an RPG based on the popular Battlecruiser Alamo novel series. 

Chris waxed nostalgic about the joys of the FASA Star Trek RPG and gave us some hints about the future of his imprint - Ghost Show Press

April 9, 2018

Freedom Squadron (Savage Worlds) Planning and Operations Demo Session

Sean Patrick Fannon stops by to take us through an innovative feature of his Savage Worlds RPG Freedom Squadron - the Planning and Operations phase.

Cool game design stuff and a lot of fun to boot


You can check out the youtube version here

March 30, 2018

Save the Day RPG Actual Play Demo Session

David Okum stops in to do a demo of his supers RPG, Save the Day.

This was a big, shivering mound of fun. If you want to check out the youtube version so you can see the 3D battlemap Dave had built (using card stock terrain and miniatures that he sells on RPGNOW) the link is below




March 26, 2018

Big Fun! Talking Pop Culture, Dagon’s Bones and Freedom Squadron

Fun conversation.

We start off talking pop culture: Sherlock, Planescape, Powerverse and Amazon's the Tick.

Sean Patrick Fannon also tells us about his 80's cartoon inspired Kickstarter - Freedom Squadron.

Ryan Lybarger gives us the skinny on Dagon's Bones - the fun cthulu-themed beer and pretzels games from his company Utility Games (also on Kickstarter now)

Guests: Nick Garber of Apogee Comics, Ryan Lybarger of Utility Games, Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle and Pinnacle and Walt Robillard

March 15, 2018

Writer Dan Abnett talks Aquaman, Titans and Silencer

Dan Abnett stops by the BAMFcast to talk about his current run on Aquaman, Titans and Silencer. Fun chat. Extra point for anyone who can keep track of Dan's rapid fire puns

March 9, 2018

Talking Super Teams and The Summit KS

We get the roundtable together to talk about Best/Worst/Strangest super-teams and Chris McGlothlin tells us about The Summit Kickstarter

March 5, 2018

Weekly Pick Chat and Era: The Empowered KS

The guys from the Era: The Empowered KS (check it out!) join us to brutally insult American institutions like the movie Air Force One and to talk about their new superhero RPG - currently on KS. 

February 23, 2018

Black Panther and Mighty Protectors

Jack Herman from Monkey House Games stopped by to talk about the #BlackPanther movie and talk a bit about his RPG - Mighty Protectors

February 20, 2018

Pick of the Week Chat and Forced Labor Kickstarter

Roy Johnson of Standard Comics joins us to talk about his new comic kickstarter  and to chip in on the Pick of the Week chat (BTW - we do these regularly over on the BAMF youtube channel.)

Roy's Pick was Rick and Morty

Walt's was Big Hitters by Jon Goff

Mike's was Marvel's Two-in-One by Chip Zdarsky

Watch Now:
February 16, 2018

City of Mist Part Two

Part two of our City of Mist actual play. 

Part one is here.

Once again, City of Mist creator Amit Moshe stops by to run a demo session for us. It's short (2 hours) by game sessions standards - but long compared to our usual podcast length.

If you'd like to see the characters, starter kit and other player tools we used - you can download them at: