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RPG Publisher Roundtable. Sean Patrick Fannon and Chris Birch

July 9, 2013

Our latest episode is a bit of an RPG Publisher Roundtable with two luminaries, Sean Patrick Fannon of Evil Beagle Games and Chris Birch of Modiphius Entertainment, joining us to talk about their recent projects

Sean is currently running a Kickstarter for his Savage Worlds setting, Shaintar

Chris catches us up on what's happening at Modiphius, including their latest adventure (the first in a series): The Trellborg Monstrosities for Achtung! Cthulu . On a related note, You can check out the Trellborg Monstrosities novella by John Houlihan here . In addition, Chris gives us the latest dish on both the Mutant Chronicles revival and Cakes, Cogs and Swordsticks

You can find more info about the Ennie Dream Date with Sean Patrick Fannon here

And - the Lantern City project Sean mentioned is online here