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BAMF Podcast - focused on comics and RPGs. Also: donuts

March 27, 2015

Indie Creator’s Spotlight - Nick Garber

We join Nick Garber, to talk about his imprint, Black Jack comics.  We are going to bug Nick about his military career, how he got into comics, and whether he prefers his lead in .07mm pencil lead or .223 cal.?
You can find Nick:
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March 17, 2015

Dungeon Master’s Guide and Shadow of the Demon Lord

WOTC Freelancers Steve Townsend and Robert Schwalb stop by to talk to the BAMF crew about their work on the recently released Dungeon Masters Guide for D&D. 

Robert also gives us the details about his wildly successful kickstarter for Shadow of the Demon Lord
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March 13, 2015

Indie Creator’s Spotlight - Andrew Lorenz

Indie comics creator Andrew Lorenz gives us the low down on his comics career and what's next.

Check out Andrew and his products here: 
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March 11, 2015

Martial Arts Podcast

This episode we're talking about martial arts in rpgs and pop culture.

Walt Robillard is hosting. Chuck Rice of Mayfair Games (of Blood and Fists fame) is a returning guest. Steven Trustrum of Misfit Studios is on hand as is Ryan Danks who is running this kickstarter you should check out. 
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February 9, 2015

Publisher Roundtable talks Achtung Cthulu, Thunderbirds, Sleeper and Extreme Earth

Chris Birch of Modiphius Press tells us about their upcoming plans for Achtung Cthulu, Thunderbirds and other projects.

Also - congrats to Modiphius for getting the rights to produce Conan RPG

Jon Gibbons of Fainting Goat Games is on hand to talk about Extreme Earth

Ben Counter of Death Spiral tells us about the Sleeper RPG Kickstarter 

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January 29, 2015

Best and Worst of 2014 - and the Bamfsies awards are announced

In this episode, we talk about the Best/Worst of 2014 in comics. And we announce the winners of the Bamfsies awards for the best in Superhero RPGs from the last year (or so).

Chuck Rice, Steve Kenson, Jason Tondro, Chris McGlothlin and Ade Smith join us.
At the very end of the podcast, Steve and Chris give us some details about what 2015 holds for ICONS and Mutants and Masterminds.
BTW - We are now on Patreon! If you like the podcast - please consider tossing some spare change at us.
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January 16, 2015

Base Raiders Actual Play

Ross Payton stops by to run us through a demo session of his awesome Fate-powered game Base Raiders.

This game was an absolute blast to play and I can't recommend it highly enough.
Apologies to Ross for not getting the podcast up in time to help promote the Fate Bundle of Holding with Base Raiders.
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December 26, 2014

Extreme Earth Actual Play with SUPERS! Part 3 - Finale

This is the conclusion of our Extreme Earth actual play using the SUPERS! Red rules. Walt Robillard once again GMs.

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December 24, 2014

Extreme Earth with SUPERS! Part 2

Here's part two of our Extreme Earth adventure with the SUPERS! Red rules. Walt Robillard GMs

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December 23, 2014

Extreme Earth Actual Play with SUPERS! Part 1

We recently did an Extreme Earth adventure using the SUPERS Revised Edition rules. Walt Robillard was our GM. Several of us on the EE team provided the characters for this Wolfpack Mission.

Note that we're actually playing through the adventure that will be provided in the main EE book. So - it's kind of like a preview
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