Comics Roundtable talks Captain America 2 and geeks out in general

• April 15th, 2014

DT Butchino of Xion Studios, Chris McGlothlin of Green Ronin and Joe Bardales of Fainting Goat join us as we geek out about comics and games. We talk about Captain America 2, the coolness of Batman '66 and way there needs to be a licensed RPG for it now, the Atlas of Earth Prime for M&M, the Freedom City Cosmic book, Necessary Evil 2 for Savage Worlds, DT's Free Comic Book Day project and the Extreme Earth Kickstarter (for M&M, ICONS and a bunch o' other systems)

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Comics Roundtable talks ICONS Assembled and Extreme Earth

• March 29th, 2014
Chris McGlothlin, Dan Houser, Steve Kenson, Jason Tondro and Jon Gibbons join us to talk about comics, TV and movies (for some reason, we always wind up talking about the Dark Knight movies...)

Jon Gibbons tells us about the upcoming kickstarter for Extreme Earth
Steve Kenson and Dan Houser tell us all about the new edition of ICONS.
You can find out more about the new edition of ICONS here.
You can find out more about the Extreme Earth Kickstarter at the facebook orG+ group
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Indie Comics Appreciation Roundtable

• March 26th, 2014

Walt Robillard, Andrew Collas, Brandon Blackmoor, Ade Smith and Sean Izaakse join us to talk about "indie comics" - including debating what "indie" actually means these days.

List of the comics we talked about on this show:
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Comics Roundtable talks Elseworlds! Also Bulletpoof Blues!

• February 4th, 2014
Brandon Blackmoor, Ade Smith, Chris McGlothlin and comics artist Sean Izaakse (of Stray and Pathfinder comic fame) join us to talk about Elseworlds and favorite alternate continuities. 

Show Notes
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Cosmic Supers for ICONS! - The Great Game DVD commentary

• December 18th, 2013
Fainting Goat Games (the Game Studio I run when I'm not doing podcasts) is releasing a Cosmic Supers supplement for the ICONS RPG called The Great Game. 

One of the writers, Jason Tondro, gives the "DVD commentary" on The Great Game: talking about his inspirations, how this book ties into the Stark City setting, telling us about some of the great material that didn't make the cut and giving a behind the scenes glimpse into the creation of this Kirby Kracklin' tour de force

Adrian Smith co-hosts. We also geek out and talk about comics quite a bit. But you probably expected that.

You can find the Great Game on RPGNOW here.
Listen Now:

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November Comics Roundtable - AND Emerald City is out

• November 19th, 2013
For November 2013's roundtable we are joined by Steve Kenson, Chris McGlothlin, Jason Tondro Ade Smith and DT Butchino.
We talk about best/worst event comics AND we cover the recent print release of Power Profiles and Emerald City. Chris tells us all about his involvement with Necessary Evil 2 for Savage Worlds
and DT gives us an update on his AoV line.

Listen Now:

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SUPERS! Actual Play Demo

• October 29th, 2013

Walt Robillard GMs Ade Smith, DT Butchino and yours truly through a short SUPERS! RPG scenario.

This is a sample of a new product line called Scene Stealers. See the nifty logo below
Aaand - for the purposes of this podcast - BAMF stands for Battle Action Mega Force - also - see neato logo below

You can check out the original version of SUPERS!  (There is a new revision in the works)

Listen Now:

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Double Spiral War for Traveller and other Traveller News

• October 14th, 2013

In this podcast, we're joined by Steff Worthington, Luke Green and Jonathan Thompson of Battlefield Press to discuss the Double Spiral War Kickstarter for the Traveller system. We also touch on some other Traveller related news and talk about other upcoming licensed RPGs from Battlefield.

Note - due to hilarious scheduling mix-ups, this is a two-part podcast. The conversation with Steff and Luke is first, followed by the chat with Jonathan that finishes up the half hour.

The Colorado Flood Relief Bundle that Mike mentions is here (also - it's almost $300 in RPGs. Not $3000. Yeah - I was sleepy when we recorded that bit)
Here's the link for CONtraflow, the con that Jonathan will be attending in New Orleans this weekend.
Listen Now:

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September Comics Roundtable and the Supers! Kickstarter

• September 30th, 2013
On the latest Comics Roundtable, we talk about Agents of SHIELD, the pluses and minuses of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison and we gab about what everyone is reading. Also - we talk about the SUPERS! Kickstarter

Andrew Collas hosts. Walt Robillard, Ade Smith and newcomer DT Butchino comprise the roundtable.

Listen Now:

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Stark City Preview (recorded before GenCon)

• September 25th, 2013

In this episode, recorded before GenCon, we discuss our recent release - Stark City for ICONS

Dan Houser, Jason Tondro and Ade Smith are guests
Listen Now:

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