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2012 Year End Wrap-Up Roundtable

December 19, 2012

In this episode, Steve Kenson, Jason Tondro, Adrian Smith and Christopher McGlothlin join us to wrap up 2012 by talking about what's happening in the world of comics and supers gaming.

Chris McGlothlin talks a bit about the M&M 10th Anniversary Kickstarter. Steve gives us the latest on the ICONS Great Power Kickstarter

Jason Tondro talks about his upcoming Arthur Lives! project for Fate Core. After the gaming talk - we all grouse about the state of comic books a bit

Show notes:

Here's the latest Improbable Tales for ICONS release that was mention: Return the Crimson Frontier.

Here'is Ulises Farinas' website - and here's the JSA vs War of the Worlds pic that Mike was so taken with. (If you look very closely, there's a Tardis cameo)