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Dragon Age interview with Will Hindmarch

November 29, 2011

Green Ronin's Will Hindmarch joins us to talk about the Dragon Age RPG

Walt Robillard from Hazard Studios co-hosts.

Check out the Dragon Age Quickstart  here (http://tinyurl.com/dragon-age-qs)


Will asked us to include the following info in the Show Notes:

I realized a mistake I made while talking on the podcast last night:

I was hired around the same time as Rich Redman, the licensing and production manager at Green Ronin. Joe Carriker was hired shortly after me. I was only thinking of developers at the time and, since Joe and I were hired so close to one another, I didn't think it was important to underscore the timing on the air. But I want to mention Rich Redman's name in case it's relevant for the show notes, as he's an important part of the Green Ronin operations now and was, in fact, announced as a new hire at the same time I was.

Thanks, Mike!

Cheers, Will